"Al Tir'a" - Do not be afraid

"Al Tir'a" - Do not be afraid

Introducing ״אל תירא ״ - “Do not be afraid” Metal wall art by Leah Luria


I recently learned that the Hebrew phrase ״אל תירא״ - “Do not be afraid,” is the most common commandment in the Torah, Navi and Tehillim. I found this so inspiring - especially for the times we are in right now. This directive, reiterated over 90 times in various forms, extends beyond religious boundaries to offer a compelling message of resilience and trust amid life’s uncertainties.

Repeated so many times in the Torah, Psalms, and the prophetic words of Isaiah and Jeremiah, the command “Do not be afraid” does not dismiss life’s challenges but rather encourages standing firm, having emunah (faith) that there is a Divine plan for the good.

May this artwork elevate its surroundings, reminding us to live a life free from excessive worry about the future - to embrace the present moment and even dance in the face of adversity. This artwork serves as a visual embodiment of this wisdom—a powerful reminder that “אל תירא - Do not be afraid” is not a mere suggestion but a timeless commandment.

Invite the transformative power of trust, resilience, and hope into your daily life, fostering a sanctuary of inspiration and strength.

What would you do differently if you knew you had nothing to fear? 

Check out this piece here- 



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Gedale Fenster spoke powerfully about this concept in this episode (which was published a few days after I created this work - guess it was in the air!) 



Leah Luria

January 11, 2024

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