Israel Fine Art Gallery curated by Leah Luria

about the artist & curator of IsraelFineArt

Leah Luria is a mother of 7 and classically trained fine artist. Leah studied at Boston University College of Fine Arts. Before making aliyah, Leah enjoyed nurturing a love of art in hundreds of students as the Art Director at YTCTE, an elementary school and summer camp in South Florida.

In the summer of 2021, Leah and her family made aliyah to Israel (this was also her first time setting foot in Israel!). Surrounded by the spirituality and natural beauty of this ancient land, Leah was inspired to explore capturing the essence of Israel through her work. Leah's landscape paintings evoke a sense of wonder and enchantment, inviting viewers to experience the vibrant colors, breathtaking rolling hills, and deep spirituality that define this remarkable country.

With each brushstroke, Leah weaves together her love for color and her reverence for the spiritual significance of the Holy Land. Her whimsical landscapes invite viewers on a journey, where imagination and ancient history intertwine, and where the beauty of Israel is depicted in a way that stirs the soul. Through her art, Leah aims to connect the viewer with the Divine and nurture a deep love of our beautiful Israel.

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Leah's Work