Pinchas Bensusan

Featured Artist of Israel Fine Art

about the artist

Pinchas Bensusan comes from a family deeply committed to the Jewish people and the land of Israel, and harbors an abiding love for his ancestral homeland. He first set foot in Israel in 1977 at the age of 20, inspired by the autobiography of Golda Meir. Immersing himself in the fabric of Israeli life, he spent a year on a Kibbutz as part of the Shenat Sherut program. Although making Aliyah in 1981, unforeseen circumstances led him back to the UK, where he remained until his marriage in 1988. Despite his time abroad, his heart has remained tethered to Israel, evidenced by his three married children living in Israel and other children. Pinchas, a skilled painter, combines his passion for cartography and topography with his artistic talents, creating evocative landscapes and portraits. His work, characterized by its figurative strength and natural color, reflects his deep connection to the land of Israel and his fervent desire to return soon with the grace of HaShem.

Pinchas is currently accepting new requests for commissioned paintings. Please email for commission inquiries.

Pinchas's Featured Collection