Dara Goldschmidt

Featured Artist of Israel Fine Art

about the artist

Dara Goldschmidt discovered her artistic passion amid the cultural richness of Monsey, NY, where Jewish life profoundly influenced her perspective. She and her husband dedicated themselves to serving the city's Jewish community of Moscow, Russia for three decades. In 2003, Dara embarked on her artistic journey, honing her craft under the tutelage of a master artist and drawing inspiration from teachers across Moscow, the United States, and Israel. Her artistic lineage is deeply intertwined with the legacy of her mother, artist Simmi Brodie. Exhibiting her work in Moscow and Jerusalem, Dara's canvas reflects a harmonious blend of cultural influences, inviting viewers into a world where each colorful brushstroke tells a poignant tale of the vibrancy of life transcending geographical boundaries.

Dara's Featured Collection