Avraham Nacher

Featured Artist of Israel Fine Art

about the artist

Avraham Nacher, a talented photographer and illustrator of children's books, found his artistic calling years ago and has been crafting captivating visual narratives ever since. Having made Aliyah to Israel, he is now blessed to call the Holy Land his home, and draws inspiration from the rich cultural tapestry that surrounds him. Avraham's passion for creating extends across various mediums, from the lens of his camera to the strokes of his digital paintbrush, with a particular fondness for watercolors and children's book illustrations. His art is a vibrant exploration of colors and emotions, reflecting his deep connection to the world around him. Avraham shares his unique prints with the world, offering a glimpse into his imaginative and heartfelt creations. For those eager to follow his artistic journey, Avraham can be found on social media under the handle @avrahamnacher.

Avraham's Featured Collection