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Leah Luria

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Vibrancy of Jerusalem by Leah Luria Fine Art Print on Paper or Canvas Giclée

Each color of the spectrum vibrates at a specific frequency. As an artist, manipulating pigment is like playing with a symphony of energies. Connect with the heightened energy of the Holy City of Jerusalem. May this vibrant painting brighten your space!

Choose your surface and size, printed using only the highest quality fine art paper and inks. 

Paper: Giclée print of painting "Kotel from Below" on archival paper (Moab's Somerset Enhanced Velvet - with a slightly textured matte surface) with a 1/2" border.

Canvas: Giclée Print on Crystalline gloss canvas. Industry-leading color gamut a step above every other glossy or matte inkjet canvas available today. The Crystalline line is OBA free making it one of the most archival gloss canvas available to date.

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