Nicole Friedman

Featured Artist of Israel Fine Art

about the artist

Nicole Friedman, known to most as Nikki, grew up with a deep appreciation for the arts from a young age. In 2020, Nikki stumbled across resin art, was fascinated, and became determined to master the craft. She began creating her own resin masterpieces, in additional to her paintings, selling worldwide.

In 2021, Nikki fulfilled her lifelong dream of moving to Israel with her family, where she now has a thriving business selling her own artwork, as well as teaching both youth and adults painting and resin classes. Her work focuses on Judaica and portraying G-d’s handiwork in His beautiful creations.  Upon making Aliyah, Nikki was recognized by the State of Israel for her work with epoxy resin as a Master of plastic arts. 

You can view Nikki’s work on social media @nicolefriedmanstudio

Nicole's Featured Collection