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Nicole Friedman

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Chanukah Dreidel Acrylic Serving Tray by Nicole Friedman

Elevate your Chanukah celebrations with the perfect blend of functionality and artistic elegance.

Introducing the beautiful acrylic dreidel serving tray adorned with Nicole Friedman's ethereal painting of a menorah—an exquisite piece that seamlessly marries artistry and Judaica. This versatile tray serves as an ideal surface for spirited dreidel games, providing the perfect setting for family and friends to gather and enjoy the festivities. Beyond its functional allure, this tray transforms into a serving masterpiece, presenting an elegant stage for Chanukah goodies and gelt.

With Nicole Friedman's enchanting menorah painting, this acrylic tray becomes more than a serving accessory—it becomes a visual celebration of the Festival of Lights, a meaningful addition to your Chanukah traditions, and a cherished piece that beautifully merges art and Judaica in one captivating package.

This serving tray is assembled in the USA and comes in an 11" x 17" size. The art is printed on a high-quality, laminated insert that goes into the tray's base. Lastly, this serving tray with handles is easy to carry and is great for both home and professional use.

.: One size (11″ × 17″) (27.9cm × 43.2cm)
.: Laminated artwork insert
.: NB! Design is printed on a white-base insert
.: Assembled in the USA from globally sourced parts

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