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Naama Goldberg

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Crafted by artist Naama Goldberg, this unique laser-cut artwork beautifully depicts the Lubavicher Rebbe in for the modern, contemporary home aesthetic.  Created using high quality stainless steel and acrylic, this artwork comes framed and ready to display.

Examined closely, it almost looks like an abstract design, revealing intricate, laser-cut forms against a black acrylic backdrop. However, from a distance, these elements seamlessly converge into a distinct image of the great Lubavicher Rebbe, symbolizing generations of Jewish values and traditions with profound significance.

For those seeking to infuse their modern Jewish home with the Rebbe's inspiration, this portrait by Naama Goldberg becomes a meaningful addition. Whether showcased individually or combined as a dyptch, trypric or gallery wall, these portraits of our sages create a captivating centerpiece on your walls.


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