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Leah Luria

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Aishet Chayelet by Leah Luria Glossy Modern Acrylic Print 

Upon stumbling upon this image shared on social media, I found myself profoundly moved as an artist, a woman, a jew. I felt compelled to translate its intricate layers into a visual narrative. The juxtaposition of a woman dressed in exquisite fashion, deep in prayer at the Western Wall, M16 military machine gun slung across her shoulder, stirred something within me.

In the midst of a wartime struggle none of us ever dreamed we’d see in our lifetimes - a war against the forces of pure evil, the flurry of fervent prayers for the release of captives constantly flowing up from our lips to the heavens, I sensed in this image a poignant fusion of femininity, faith, and our strength as a people.

As I embarked on translating this powerful moment into art (a total of 17 hours of digital painting and 15,871 keystrokes) I felt the urgency to convey the essence of female empowerment and our role in the upcoming geulah (yaalah, Hashem!). It is my hope that in this painting I am able to encapsulate a fragment of the complex beauty of modern Jewish identity at this moment in our history. May this artwork in some way serve as a reminder to us to continue to draw from the deep well of strength and emunah of our ancestors (especially our Imahot).

About this print material:

Made to bring art-gallery quality to exhibiting artwork in any space, this acrylic print is the perfect means to show art to the world. This print are water-resistant and effortless to maintain clean like new thanks to their 0.25"-thick, Grade-A acrylic material. Each print comes with a French cleat backing and installation screws, for easy and secure hanging.

.: Material: 0.25” thick grade-A acrylic with white vinyl backing
.: Available in 3 sizes
.: Hand-polished, crystal clear edges
.: Fitted with french cleat backing for easy and secure hanging
.: Screws for installing the hanging included

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