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Yehoshua Halevi

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Almond Blossom Joy Glossy Acrylic Print by Yehoshua Halevi (French Cleat Hanging) 

A soft, lightly textured wash featuring one of Israel’s annual, seasonal spectacles, the blossoming of wild almond trees. Resembling a painting more than a photograph, this work will brighten any home or office with the beauty of Israel’s ever-changing landscape as it reaches its pinnacle of splendor in late winter and early spring.

Made to bring art-gallery quality to exhibiting artwork in any space, this acrylic prints is the perfect means to showcase photography and art to the world. This prints are water-resistant and effortless to maintain clean like new thanks to their 0.25"-thick, Grade-A acrylic material. Each print comes with a French cleat backing and installation screws, for easy and secure hanging.

Material: 0.25” thick grade-A acrylic with white vinyl backing
Hand-polished, crystal clear edges
Fitted with french cleat backing for easy and secure hanging
Screws for installing the hanging included

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