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Avigail Sapir

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Asher Yarzar by Avigail Sapir

Art transcends mere aesthetics and connects you deeply with the sacred roots of our existence. "Asher Yatzar" is a visual delight as well as a reminder of the significance of gratitude in our daily lives. In a world where wellness is often taken for granted, "Asher Yatzar" serves as a gentle yet powerful reminder to cherish the miraculous intricacies of our bodies and express gratitude for the Divine gift of health. Let this colorful blessing grace your space, helping you to infuse every moment with a sense of holiness and appreciation. Experience the transformative power of art as it elevates your soul and enriches your life.

Paper: Giclée print on archival paper (Elegance Velvet - heavyweight fine art paper with matte surface) with a 2" border. 

Canvas: Archival Giclée Print on Crystalline gloss stretched canvas - ready to hang.

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