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Shira Gabriela

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Asher Yatzar Prayer by Shira Gabriela Glossy Acrylic Print 

Step into the timeless beauty of Shira Gabriela's exquisite artwork, crafted in the illustrious tradition of illuminated manuscripts. This captivating piece seamlessly merges elegance with the aura of ancient texts, drawing inspiration from the opulence of illuminated manuscripts. The artwork features an intricate hand-designed floral border, adorned with delicate vines and floral motifs, each detail meticulously crafted to evoke a sense of grace and sophistication.

Inscribed inside Shira's beautiful frame are sacred words of the Asher Yatzar blessing. This blessing, a profound acknowledgment of Hashem's miraculous creation of the human body, is presented in a manner that reflects the reverence of ancient scribes. Elevate your home with the beauty of gratitude and the enduring connection between art and spirituality.

Material: 0.25” thick grade-A acrylic with white vinyl backing
Hand-polished, crystal clear edges
Fitted with french cleat backing for easy and secure hanging
Screws for installing the hanging included

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