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Avigail Sapir

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Dates & Olive Tree by Avigail Sapir

Step into a world where time stands still, where the ancient whispers of the land intertwine with the vibrant strokes of Avigail Sapir's masterpiece, "Dates and Olive Tree."

As you gaze upon this painting, you'll feel a sense of awe for the sacred fruits that the artist has imbued in every stroke, awe for the fruits that have nourished generations in the heart of Israel. Each brushstroke tells a story, echoing the struggles and triumphs of our people, deeply rooted in our homeland. 

Let the warmth of the sun-kissed dates and the soothing hues of the olive tree transport you to the serene landscapes of Israel, where every harvest connects us to the enduring bond between man, the earth and the Divine. 

Paper: Giclée print on archival paper (Elegance Velvet - heavyweight fine art paper with matte surface) with a 2" border. 

Canvas: Archival Giclée Print on Crystalline gloss stretched canvas, ready to hang.

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