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Yehoshua Halevi

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Elah Valley Wildflowers Yehoshua Halevi Photograph - Glossy Acrylic Print (French Cleat Hanging) 

Elah Valley is host to an abundance of spring wildflowers, most notably the ubiquitous anemone flower, which grows low to the ground and appears in red, pink, purple and white following the winter rains.

Fun fact: Elah Valley also where King David had his famous battle with Goliath.

Made to bring art-gallery quality to exhibiting artwork in any space, this acrylic prints is the perfect means to showcase art to the world. This prints are water-resistant and effortless to maintain clean like new thanks to their 0.25"-thick, Grade-A acrylic material. Each print comes with a French cleat backing and installation screws, for easy and secure hanging.

Material: 0.25” thick grade-A acrylic with white vinyl backing
Hand-polished, crystal clear edges
Fitted with french cleat backing for easy and secure hanging
Screws for installing the hanging included

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