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Pinchas Bensusan

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Eyn Gedi by Pinchas Bensusan

In the captivating painting "Eyn Gedi" by Pinchas Bensusan, a breathtaking desert landscape unfolds before the viewer, invoking a sense of solitude and ancient beauty. As sunlight cascades over the rugged terrain, one can almost feel the whisper of history echoing through the craggy rocks and arid expanses. Inspired by the biblical narrative of David seeking refuge from King Saul amidst the formidable strongholds of Ein Gedi, Bensusan's brushstrokes evoke the timeless allure of this landscape, where the interplay of light and shadow mirrors the journey of the human spirit. "Eyn Gedi" serves as a poignant homage to both the natural grandeur of the desert and the enduring tales of courage and resilience that this land has bared witness.

Choose your surface material and size to pair perfectly with your interior decor. Printed using only the highest quality fine art paper, canvas and inks. 

Paper: Giclée print of painting "Kotel" on archival paper (Elegance Velvet - heavyweight fine art paper with matte surface) with a 1/2" border.

Canvas: Archival Giclée Print on Crystalline gloss stretched canvas.

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