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Inbal Singer

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"Flight of Peace" by Inbal Singer

 This limited edition, hand-signed artwork is the artist's post October 7th response. Using her signature modern folk art style, this unique piece depicts six doves meticulously arranged in a circular dance. The doves take flight in all directions, symbolizing the unity of the collective Jewish soul that transcends time and space boundaries. 

At the heart of this harmony of doves, a radiant Star of David, delicately painted with gold ink, stands as a beacon. The convergence of these powerful symbols creates a composition that emanates strength, peace and hope.

Rendered in a mesmerizing blend of watercolors and metallic ink, Inbal is offering 10 limited edition hand-signed print editions of this series.  This artist edition print is further enhanced by the meticulous application of copper plate calligraphy ink on 100% cotton fine art watercolor paper.

Ships from Israel, 5-14 day production time. Free International Shipping. 10 Available 






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