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Esther Cohen

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"Hamsa in Blues" by Esther Cohen Die-Cut Magnet

Introducing "Hamsa in Blues II" by Esther Cohen in a fun magnet form, expertly die-cut into the shape of the iconic Hamsa. This magnet is not just a piece of decor; it's a miniature masterpiece that brings the captivating disrressed blues of Esther Cohen's printmaking to life. Collecting these unique magnets is like curating a gallery on your fridge, and "Hamsa in Blues II" is a must-have addition to your collection. Let the Hamsa shape stand guard over your daily life, radiating positive energy and cultural significance.

By purchasing this magnet, you're not just acquiring a beautiful piece of art; you're contributing to the flourishing world of creativity in Israel. Make a statement on your fridge and support Israeli artists like Esther Cohen—collect them all and turn your space into a gallery that celebrates both art and culture.

Elevate your surroundings and embrace the beauty of "Hamsa in Blues II."


.: Material: Vinyl
.: Suitable for outdoor use
.: Flexible and durable material
.: Black backing
.: Five sizes to choose from
.: NB! One design file per magnet

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