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Esther Cohen

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"Hamsa of Peace" by Esther Cohen Clutch Bag

Step into a world of style and symbolism with the "Hamsa of Peace" by Esther Cohen Clutch Bag, a fusion of innovative printmaking techniques and fashion-forward design. The captivating greens and blues, coupled with the beautiful and edgy texture, make this clutch a wearable masterpiece infused with both artistry and meaning.

The Hamsa, symbolizing protection in Judaism, adds a touch of spirituality to your ensemble. Designed for the fashionista on the go, this custom clutch features a convenient loop handle for hands-free ease and is spacious enough to hold your everyday essentials. With a zip fastening and a fully lined internal pocket, practicality meets art seamlessly.

Crafted from vegan leather in the Saffiano pattern finish, inspired by Prada, this clutch is a statement of both sophistication and cultural significance, allowing you to carry style and protection with you wherever you go.

.: Vegan leather
.: Saffiano pattern finish
.: Small pocket inside
.: Black lining
.: Assembled in the USA from globally sourced parts

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