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Inbal Singer

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"Just Begin" by Inbal Singer Ceramic Magnet

Elevate your space with Inbal Singer's exquisite ceramic magnet featuring her captivating folk art painting, "Just Begin." This magnetic masterpiece is a true gem, exuding a rich blend of vibrant cobalt blues and contrasting crimson reds, making it a stunning addition to any magnetic surface. At its heart, you'll find a beautifully illustrated Hebrew passage from Pirkei Avot, imparting a timeless message of purpose and action. The painting's integration of the text, which loosely translates to "It is not your job to complete the work - just begin," is a testament to Inbal Singer's artistry and her ability to infuse culture and tradition into her work. While the painting was crafted in gouache, this ceramic magnet boasts a tactile depth and creamy matte texture, inviting you to not only admire its visual beauty but also to contemplate its profound spiritual and philosophical wisdom. With Inbal Singer's "Just Begin" magnet, you can carry a daily reminder of the importance of embarking on meaningful journeys and making a positive impact, no matter how grand the task may seem. Embrace art that goes beyond aesthetics; embrace art that inspires and uplifts.


This whimsical refrigerator magnet was created to brush up any home with a sweet personal touch. Whether it's decorating your kitchen or any wall around the house, this 2" square magnet will add a touch of wonder to your home with it's beautifully vivid colors.

.: Coating produces great color reproduction
.: 2" square porcelain with a magnet mounted to the backside
.: Glossy finish

  2" x 2"
Width, in 2.00
Height, in 2.00
Depth, in 0.25


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