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Leah Luria

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 "Portrait of an Ancient Olive Tree" - gouache and acrylic on Arches paper, 2022 by Leah Luria.

 Immerse yourself in the lush colors, vibrant greens, and earthy tones that breathe life into this sacred Olive tree, one of the seven species that grow wild in Israel since Biblical times.

In Israel, the ancient olive trees stand as a testament to the Land's rich heritage. With each brushstroke, you'll experience the essence of these majestic trees, their gnarled trunks and graceful branches telling stories of resilience, wisdom, and spirituality.

Let this painting transport you to the sacred olive groves of Israel, allowing you to bask in the beauty of these ancient trees from the comfort of your own home. The lush emerald colors and painterly brushstrokes will envelop you, creating a sense of serenity and connection to the Land.

Not only will you acquire a breathtaking piece of art, but you'll also be supporting the dreams and aspirations of artists in Israel, like me, Leah Luria! By investing in this art print, you become a patron of the arts, nurturing my creative spirit and supporting my dedication to sharing the beauty of our Homeland.

Indulge in the opportunity to own "Portrait of an Ancient Olive Tree" and be transported to the sacred olive groves of Israel through vibrant colors and brushstrokes. May the magnificence of these ancient trees fill your space with a sense of tranquility and peace. I hope this painting helps bring a piece of the soul of Israel into your life. 



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