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Yael Flatauer

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"Piece of Peace" Magnet by Yael Flatauer

Embrace the joyous blend of peace and Jewish pride with the "Piece of Peace" Magnet by Yael Flatauer. This whimsical piece of art combines the universal symbol of peace with delightful Judaica motifs, creating a unique and proudly Jewish statement. Perfect for decorating your fridge or any magnetic surface, this magnet adds a touch of fun and positivity to your daily surroundings. The vibrant design not only sparks joy but also serves as a wonderful conversation starter. Give the gift of artistic expression and cultural pride, making it an ideal choice for friends, family, or colleagues. By choosing this magnet, you're not just acquiring a charming piece; you're also supporting Israeli artists like Yael Flatauer, contributing to the flourishing world of creativity. Let the "Piece of Peace" Magnet bring a smile to your face and radiate positive vibes wherever it goes.

.: For indoor use

.: Three sizes to choose from
.: Thin (0.03" (0.8 mm)) and lightweight
.: Black backing

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