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Leah Luria

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"Prayer for IDF Soldiers" by Leah Luria -  Framed Canvas Print

20% of proceeds go to support soldiers and their families in Israel 

Prayer is the golden thread that weaves our hopes and aspirations into the fabric of divine intervention. Prayer has profound potency of transcending the connections that bridge the earthly and the Divine. In times of tumult, our prayers become a beacon of light, guiding the brave souls of the Israel Defense Forces as they valiantly defend our sacred land and its cherished citizens.

The importance of lifting our voices, beseeching Hashem for protection and strength for those who stand on the frontlines, cannot be overstated. Through our collective and individual prayers, we infuse the winds of courage into the sails of our defenders, fortifying their spirits as they navigate the storm of conflict. In the echo of each heartfelt plea, we summon the celestial guardians to envelop our warriors with a shield of divine grace, ensuring the safeguarding of our homeland and the well-being of those who sacrifice for its peace.


This piece is print in a sleek black pinewood frame. The design is printed on the cotton-polyester canvas with a special proprietary coating to make sure the artwork will stay vibrant for ages. An excellent choice the environmentally-conscious – it's made from sustainably sourced materials (Forest Stewardship Council certified). Choose between multiple sizes for different types of prints. The sawtooth hanging hardware is already attached.

.: Cotton and polyester canvas composite with a special proprietary coating
.: Black pinewood frame
.: Made from sustainably sourced materials
.: Multiple sizes to choose from
.: Sawtooth hanging hardware included

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