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Avigail Sapir

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Seven Species by Avigail Sapir - Giclée Print on Fine Art Paper or Stretched Canvas Giclée

Embrace Israel's sacred bounty with "Seven Species" by Avigail Sapir, a painting that invites you to savor the essence of the Holy Land in every brushstroke. This captivating print isn't just a visual feast—it's a connection to tradition, to history, to the very roots of Jewish culture. With each luscious date, fig, pomegranate, grape, olive, wheat, and barley meticulously rendered, you'll feel the warmth of Israel's sun and the richness of its soil right in your own home. Taste the flavors of Tu B'Shvat year-round with "Seven Species," a painting that promising to transform your surroundings into a sanctuary of abundance. Don't just decorate—immerse yourself in the timeless beauty and significance of Israel's sacred fruit.

Choose your surface and size, printed using only the highest quality fine art paper and inks.

Paper: Giclée print on archival paper (Moab's Somerset Enhanced Velvet - with a slightly textured matte surface) with a 1/2" border.

Canvas: Giclée Print on Crystalline gloss canvas. Industry-leading color gamut a step above every other glossy or matte inkjet canvas available today. The Crystalline line is OBA free making it one of the most archival gloss canvas available to date.

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