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Dov Laimon

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Elevate your Shabbat rituals with the exquisite "Shabbat Shalom" Netilat Yadayim Hand Towel by Dov Laimon. This premium hand towel, crafted with a polyester front that serves as the perfect canvas for Dov's original design, boasts a soft cotton back for a luxurious touch. The striking cobalt blue and contrasting deep yellow colors create a visually captivating piece that seamlessly blends Dov Laimon's signature aesthetic—bridging modern art and ancient scribal arts. Not just a hand towel, but a work of art that adds character to its surroundings, this chic accessory is designed to elevate your Shabbat experience. Indulge in the softness, absorbency, and visual allure of the "Shabbat Shalom" Hand Towel, transforming your hand washing experience with both comfort and artistic sophistication..:

Material: 100% polyester front; 100% cotton back

.: Soft to the touch
.: One size (16″ × 28″) (40.64cm × 71.12cm)
.: Print on one side

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