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Dov Laimon

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"Shabbat Shalom" Glass Challah Board by Dov Laimon

Elevate your Shabbat rituals with the "Shabbat Shalom" Glass Challah Board by Dov Laimon, a fusion of artistic brilliance and functional elegance. Crafted from durable tempered glass, this unique challah board not only showcases Dov's mesmerizing scribal arts but also offers a robust surface for preparing and presenting your cherished challot. The textured surface makes it an ideal choice for slicing all types of challah bread, whether it's homemade, sourdough, or store-bought.


Elevate your Shabbat experience with the exceptional "Shabbat Shalom" custom Challah Board by Dov Laimon. This glass board is a masterpiece of modern artistry and ancient scribal arts, showcasing Dov's signature aesthetic. The meticulously designed piece features a rich interplay of colors, with striking cobalt blue and deep yellow tones creating a visually captivating harmony. Crafted from high-quality materials, this challah board not only enhances your Shabbat rituals but also serves as a stunning centerpiece to your Shabbat table, seamlessly blending tradition and contemporary elegance. Add a touch of artistic sophistication to your Shabbos  with the "Shabbat Shalom" Challah Board by Dov Laimon.

Available in 11" x 15" size this challah board is not just a piece of art but a practical addition to your Shabbat table. The four rubber dots ensure stability. Infuse your Shabbat traditions with artistry and meaning with this unique and functional Glass Challah Board.

.: 11″ × 15″ (27.9cm × 38.1cm)
.: Tempered glass material with a textured surface
.: Four rubber dots for additional stability
.: NB! Hand wash recommended

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