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A Tapestry of Tradition: Alla Pikovski's Folk Art Peacock Plate

Step into a world of enchantment with Alla Pikovski's Folk Art Seder Plate. Alla's exquisite design showcases intricate folk art-style radial patterns featuring charming peacocks in a palette of blues and greens, creating a mesmerizing tableau of tradition and modernity. The plate, a harmonious blend of pleasing patterns and repetition, captures the essence of contemporary folk art with a touch of whimsy. Each peacock's feathers are meticulously detailed. Elevate your Seder table with this unique and vibrant creation, where tradition meets the captivating allure of modern folk art.

Alla Pikovski, born in Minsk, Belarus, in 1964, is a versatile artist who seamlessly blends traditional and contemporary art forms. Immigrating to Israel in 1976, Alla's artistic journey began at an early age, exploring various mediums such as painting, sculpting, and handicrafts. Specializing in graphics and drawing at the Hanna Shenesh School, her unique talents flourished. Her diverse creations span realistic and abstract styles, incorporating computer graphics and laser-cut metals. Her work features flowing lines and vibrant colors, exemplifying a dynamic expression of Judaic art. 

Design: Alla Pikovski



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