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Avigail Wieder

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The Ink Flag by Avigail Wieder 

"The Ink Flag" by Jerusalem artist Avigail Wieder is a striking pastel artwork that draws inspiration from the iconic photograph known as 'the ink flag,' taken in 1949 during the final operation of Israel's War of Independence. Avigail's piece eloquently fuses her passion for history and art, offering a poignant tribute to the miraculous journey of a small, resilient army predominantly comprised of Holocaust survivors and refugees. The composition masterfully captures the determination of these defenders as they faced the challenges of protecting their newly-formed nation from five large surrounding countries.

The composition, enriched by Avigail's meticulous research, encapsulates the resilience and determination of the defenders and homage to the ingenuity behind 'the ink flag.' Crafted on the spot by the soldiers of the Negev brigade, the handmade Israeli flag became a symbol of resourcefulness as they drew two lines and sewed on the star of David torn from a first aid kit. This temporary emblem was replaced two hours later by an official flag when the Golani brigade arrived. Avigail's commitment to historical accuracy is evident in her exploration of the black and white photograph's details, including the date, time of year, and exact location, ensuring the colors in her rendition reflect the realism of that momentous event.

Avigail infuses her work with a profound sense of wonder, amazement, and gratitude for the miracles that unfolded during this pivotal period in history. "The Ink Flag" serves as a visual narrative, inviting viewers to reflect on the enduring spirit and faith that shaped the destiny of Israel, while paying homage to the brave individuals who played a crucial role in its establishment.


Choose your surface and size, printed using only the highest quality fine art paper and inks. 

Paper: Giclée print of painting "Kotel from Below" on archival paper (Moab's Somerset Enhanced Velvet - with a slightly textured matte surface) with a 1/2" border.

Canvas: Giclée Print on Crystalline gloss canvas. Industry-leading color gamut a step above every other glossy or matte inkjet canvas available today. The Crystalline line is OBA free making it one of the most archival gloss canvas available to date.

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