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Avigail Sapir

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The Journey Begins Diptych Pair by Avigail Sapir - Fine Art Print on Canvas or Paper

Step into the sacred journey of self-discovery with "The Journey Begins" by Avigail Sapir. This captivating masterpiece serves as a portal to the depths of our inner essence, guiding us through the spiritual landscape of introspection and growth. As you stand before this canvas, feel the pull of its radiant light, beckoning you to embark on a transformational odyssey. Each stroke of the brush whispers secrets of the soul, urging you to confront the profound questions that lie at the core of your being. Journey along the path illuminated by the sacred fruits of Israel, symbolizing not only physical sustenance but also spiritual nourishment. Let this painting be your compass as you navigate the uncharted territories of your true self, shedding the layers of who you thought you were to embrace the brilliance of who you are meant to be. Dare to delve into the depths of your soul, for it is there that the journey truly begins.

Paper: Giclée print on archival paper (Elegance Velvet - heavyweight fine art paper with matte surface) with a 2" border. 

Canvas: Archival Giclée Print on Stretched Crystalline gloss canvas.

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