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Leah Luria

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"Twins Caves Path I" Landscape Painting. Oil on canvas. Leah Luria. 2022.

Legend has it, a woman who was trying for many years to have children was told to go to this cave and drink the water collected there. A year later, she was blessed with giving birth to twins, and so the cave at the end of this path became known as the Twins Cave. Located in Bet Shemesh, the landscape surrounding the Twins Cave is full of round, rollings hills that are almost reminiscent of pregnant bellies. I'm endlessly fascinated by how ancient this land is and the countless stories she has to tell. 

Choose your surface and size to pair perfectly with your interior decor. Printed using only the highest quality fine art paper, canvas and inks. 

Paper: Giclée print of painting on archival paper (Elegance Velvet - heavyweight fine art paper with matte surface) with a 1/2" border.

Canvas: Archival Giclée Print on Crystalline gloss canvas.


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