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Inbal Singer

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Elevate your daily rituals with Inbal Singer's "Under Heaven" meditation keyring, a true masterpiece that transcends functionality. This dogtag-style keyring is not just an accessory; it's a captivating statement piece that intertwines comfort and style seamlessly into your routine.

The Hebrew phrase "for every time there is a season," painted in matte gouache, becomes a source of inspiration and meaning as you carry it with you throughout the day.

Adorned with butterflies and peacock feathers in neutral shades, this keyring embodies a modern folk art motif that adds depth and cultural authenticity to your every step.

Inbal Singer's whimsical keyring, coupled with a sturdy swivel joint and rectangular frame, ensures both durability and eye-catching allure. Let this keyring be your daily reminder that there is a time and a place for all your heart's desires to manifest. With Inbal Singer's "Under Heaven" keyring, carry your keys with pride and infuse every moment with a touch of spiritual elegance.

Set any keyset apart with a gorgous folksy keyring adorned with a Hebrew prayer for comfort and security. Featuring a strong swivel joint and a dog-tag style frame, this unique, artful keyring has a rectangular shape and is sure to add whimsy and delight.

.: Rectangular frame for the design
.: Strong swivel keyring
.: Made from zinc alloy material
.: NB! Design printed on one side

  One size
Keyring frame width, in 1.00
Keyring frame height, in 1.35
Image width, in 0.80
Image height, in 1.13
Thickness, in 0.13


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