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Inbal Singer

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Embark on a journey of artistic inspiration with Inbal Singer's "Under Heaven" now beautifully featured on a spiral notebook. This exquisite piece seamlessly blends traditional folk motifs with contemporary allure, showcasing the Hebrew phrase "For every time there is a season" painted in matte gouache, adorned with delicate butterflies and peacock feathers in neutral shades of beige, navy, maroon, and mint—all encapsulating a modern folk art motif.

Inbal Singer's artistry, rich with the sweetness of a life connected to Judaism and the Torah, now graces the cover of this versatile 118-page spiral notebook. Whether jotting down shopping lists, school notes, or poetic musings, this notebook is the perfect companion for everyday life. The durable printed cover not only protects your thoughts but also makes you proud to carry a piece of art everywhere you go. Elevate your daily experiences and let "Under Heaven" inspire your every written word with beauty and meaning.

.: 118 ruled line pages (59 sheets)
.: Front cover print
.: Dark grey back cover

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