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Leah Luria

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Bring the Vibrancy of Jerusalem to your sukkah this holiday season. Be mezmarized by a symphony of colors, each hue resonating with a unique frequency that dances upon the senses. Just as a conductor orchestrates a symphony, Leah Luria wields her pigments to harmonize with the energies of the Holy City of Jerusalem, creating a visual crescendo that resonates with the heart and soul. In this vibrant masterpiece, the canvas becomes a conduit for the city's heightened energy—a kaleidoscope of emotions and spirituality that ignite the space it occupies. As you and your family gaze upon this painting under the stars this Sukkot, you will be transported to a realm where color and energy intertwine, stirring a sense of awe and reverence for Jerusalem's sacred aura.

  48" x 24" (Horizontal)
Width, in 48.00
Height, in 24.00
Thickness, in 0.39

.: NB! Hanging strings not included

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