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Leah Luria

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This Sukkot, let your bond with the beauty of the Land of Israel grow deeper as you gather beneath the sukkah's canopy and under the starlit skies with your family. Allow Leah Luria's vivid portait of Israel's national flower to carry you to the enchanting forests of Israel, where the ground is carpeted with the crimson splendor of Kalaniot once a year. 

In Leah Luria's intimate exploration of nature's details, this painting captures the essence of a vibrant bloom, drawing viewers up close into a world of Hashem's splendor. Bright colors burst forth, infusing the sukkah with an electrifying energy, as if the very spirit of the flower is breathing life into the space. The intricate play of hues creates a harmonious dance, engaging the eye and soul in a mesmerizing conversation with the natural world.

Echoing Georgia O'Keeffe's iconic close up painting of flowers that beckon viewers to delve into the intricacies of petals and stems, this painting invites the gaze to explore its textured layers, revealing a world of beauty within. The Kalaniot flower's vivid colors serve as a symphony of joy, inviting all who enter the sukkah to immerse themselves in the spirit of celebration. As daylight or candlelight wash over the canvas, the colors spring to life, becoming an integral part of the sukkah's décor, casting a spell that uplifts the heart and brings the bloom's vibrant energy into the midst of the festivities.



.: Material: Titan™ 10 oz. scrim vinyl
.: Features heat-welded hems and grommets
.: Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
.: Horizontal 

  48" x 24" (Horizontal)
Width, in 48.00
Height, in 24.00
Thickness, in 0.39

.: NB! Hanging strings not included

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