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Leah Luria

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Amidst a canvas painted in tranquil blues, a scene of timeless beauty unfolds. The ancient wild wheat of Jerusalem sways gracefully, overlooking the revered Old City and the Temple Mount. Bathed in the golden hues of sunlight, each stalk seems to dance to the whispers of the wind, embodying both the resilience of nature and the enduring connection to Israel's past.

This tapestry of the painting Wild Wheat of Jerusalem by Leah Luria is a tribute to one of the sacred seven species of Israel. As it adorns your sukkah during the holiday of Sukkot, its presence invites reflection and unity, hope and longing. The Old City's storied stones and the silhouette of the Temple Mount cast an aura of awe, drawing viewers into a moment where the past and present collide. In this gentle embrace of art and tradition, you will find yourself woven into the rich tapestry of Jerusalem's history, kindling a deeper appreciation for the beauty and sanctity that thrive in its midst.


 This tapestry can be used indoors or out in the sun. Its heat-welded hems and grommets are incredibly durable, even in harsher weather conditions. Printed original painting by Leah Luria in high resolution. 

.: Material: Titan™ 10 oz. scrim vinyl
.: Features heat-welded hems and grommets
.: Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
.: Horizontal 

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