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Pinchas Bensusan

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Tzedoqah by Pinchas Bensusan Original Painting

In the mesmerizing painting "Tzedoqah" by Pinchas Bensusan, the essence of the Lubavacher Rebbe emanates with luminous intensity as he bestows blessings and charity upon the Jews gathered around him in the revered setting of 770, Crown Heights. The canvas vibrates with the palpable aura of devotion and love that envelops the Rebbe, drawing the viewer into the heart of this iconic scene. With masterful strokes, Bensusan captures not only the physical likeness of the Rebbe but also the spiritual gravity of his presence, evoking a sense of awe and love for the fellow jew. "Tzedoqah" stands as a poignant testament to the enduring legacy of the Lubavacher Rebbe and his profound impact on world jewry.


Original oil painting on stretched canvas, 120CM X 90CM, signed by the artist. 

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