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"Colors of Jerusalem" Metal Art by Alla Pikovski

This piece is manufactured in two formats:

One, a metal cutout printed in a high quality print and is offered as an artistic desktop object. This is the one you are seeing now.

The other, a 3D wall sculpture, painted by an artist's hand and is designed to be hung on the wall. Please write at checkout which variation you prefer.

Alla Pikovski, born in Minsk, Belarus, in 1964, is a versatile artist who seamlessly blends traditional and contemporary art forms. Immigrating to Israel in 1976, Alla's artistic journey began at an early age, exploring various mediums such as painting, sculpting, and handicrafts. Specializing in graphics and drawing at the Hanna Shenesh School, her unique talents flourished. Her diverse creations span realistic and abstract styles, incorporating computer graphics and laser-cut metals. Her work features flowing lines and vibrant colors, exemplifying a dynamic expression of Judaic art. 

Design: Alla Pikovski



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