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Colors of Celebration: Alla Pikovski's Jerusalem-Inspired Seder Plate

Bring a touch of color to your Seder table. Introducing "Colors of Celebration" - an exquisite modern Passover seder plate, 35 cm round, featuring vivid illustrations of Jerusalem. 

Designed by the talented artist Alla Pikovski, this plate is a true work of art. Born in Minsk, Belarus, and now residing in Israel, Alla's expertise spans various mediums, from traditional painting to contemporary computer graphics and laser-cut metals.

Alla's creations seamlessly blend realistic and abstract art forms. The result is a stunning combination of vibrant colors, aesthetic beauty, and dynamic transitions. Her innovative approach extends to laser cutting techniques, allowing her to transform metal into three-dimensional objects with precision and creativity.

Not only does this Passover plate elevate your holiday experience, but it also supports artists and small businessed in Israel. Manufactured by Joy Art Gallery, Alla Pikovski's designs bring joy, modernity, and a unique perspective to Judaica  ritual objects. By choosing this Seder plate, you not only enhance your Passover celebration but also contribute to the flourishing art scene in Israel.

Choose between Bluish or Orange colors to add a contemporary touch to your festive table.

Elevate your Passover celebration with Alla Pikovski's modern masterpiece – a fusion of tradition, artistry, and the vibrant spirit of Israel.

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