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Freedom Unveiled Seder plate by Alla Pikovski

Introducing "Freedom Unveiled," a captivating and symbolic Passover plate designed by the talented artist Alla Pikovski. This 35 cm round masterpiece, manufactured by Joy Art Gallery in Raanana, Israel, combines the ancient story of the Exodus with a modern artistic flair. Each plate is a unique 1/1 original, meticulously crafted through laser-cut metal and hand-painted details, ensuring a one-of-a-kind addition to your Passover table.

Alla Pikovski, a skilled artist with a rich background in graphics and sculpting, infuses her creations with vibrant colors and dynamic transitions between realistic and contemporary art forms. Born in Minsk, Belarus, and now residing in Israel, Alla's work reflects her passion for Judaic art and her innovative approach to design. The "Freedom Unveiled" Seder plate features an intricately designed central motif, surrounded by six glass bowls for the ritual components of the Passover seder. With its unique blend of tradition and modernity, this original piece is sure to enhance your Passover celebration and serve as a stunning testament to the enduring spirit of freedom.

Round shape, 35 cm diameter plate.

Laser cut Metal & hand painted,1/1, original.
6 glass bowls are attached.

Diameter: 35 cm, 14 "

Design: Alla Pikovski



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