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Pinchas Bensusan

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Hanukah by Pinchas Bensusan (ORIGINAL)

In the evocative painting "Hanukah" by Pinchas Bensusan, the warmth and radiance of the Festival of Lights illuminate the ancient streets of Jerusalem's Old City with an ethereal glow. Inspired by a chance encounter in his youth, where Pinchas captured a mesmerizing moment of a chossid playing his guitar with joy, before a menorah on Agrippas Street. This artwork seamlessly blurs the lines between reality and artistry. Recreated from a photograph that struck a chord with the artist's father, "Hanukah" captures not just the physical scene, but the intangible ambiance of joy and spirituality that permeates the air during this sacred holiday in Jerusalem. Through skillful brushwork, Bensusan transports viewers into the heart of the Old City, where the flickering flames of the menorah intertwine with the timeless traditions and ancient echoes of Hanukah celebrations past and present. 

Experience the glow of the holiday of miracles year round by displaying this beautiful painting in your home.

Original oil painting on stretched canvas, signed by the artist.

60cm x 90 cm  


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