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Avraham Nacher

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"Kotel Under the Stars" by Avraham Nacher Glossy Acrylic Photograph

Embark on a spiritual journey with Avraham Nacher's "Kotel Under the Stars," a glossy acrylic photograph that captures the essence of one of the holiest places in the world—the Western Wall. Avraham, an photographer deeply rooted in Israel, brings this sacred scene to life, ensuring a visually stunning portrayal. Immerse yourself in the rich history of the Western Wall, where countless prayers and tears have been offered by generations of Jews, creating an unparalleled connection to the Divine. Avraham's lens skillfully captures the spiritual energy and heritage of this sacred site, allowing you to bring the profound essence of the Kotel into your home. "Kotel Under the Stars" is not just a photograph; it's a testament to faith, history, and the enduring connection between humanity and the Divine. Elevate your space with this evocative piece and experience the sanctity of the Western Wall every time you gaze upon it. 

What sets this artwork apart is its second-surface printing directly on a 1/4" acrylic panel, resulting in a stunning visual impact.

The print floats 1.5" off the wall, adding depth and dimension to your space.


.: Material: Clear acrylic with white vinyl backing
.: Depth of 0.75 inches (1.9cm)
.: Image appears embedded in glass
.: Rounded corners
.: Assembled in the USA from globally sourced parts

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